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High quality seal products can better promote the development of the machinery industry

In recent years, the production and quality of the sealing products in our country has entered a new stage and new stage. In the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment in the application is also increasing, the same requirement is also increasing, which makes the sealing products industry faces an upgrade situation.
Has been the domestic seal of the enterprise for its own positioning is not very clear, blind production, the lack of product support and cooperation between the host enterprise. It can be said the most seal enterprises of the products are in accordance with unified standard batch production, do not care about their products can meet the market product to a host of supporting, the blindly pursuit is its own factory capacity. However, in supporting the host application on mechanical stability is also very difficult to ensures the.
Although in recent years, the industry has made a lot of development, but these alone are far from enough to meet the development of other industries for various types of rubber sealing product standardization, serialization of products, especially compared with the advanced countries, our products whether in product quality or in product variety, have considerable gap.
Insiders pointed out that, in order to adapt to the increasingly high environmental protection requirements, the ISO14000 standard has begun to pay attention to the Chinese enterprises, people are increasingly strict requirements for the seal. On the other hand, the new standards objectively bring market re distribution. New, more stringent quality standards, will become China's export products are the biggest obstacle to seal; and becoming the killer mace that foreign companies into the Chinese market. Enterprises that do not attach importance to technological progress will be eliminated in the next 5 years.
Seal industry as a whole industry output value can not be compared with the country's military leader in the mechanical industry. But seals have a significant impact on the overall performance and service life of mechanical equipment. Therefore, only the continuous improvement of the quality of the seal products, in order to better promote the development of the machinery industry.



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