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High temperature gasket below 1450 cc get new progress

Recently, company of large diameter graphite reinforced composite gasket orders constantly, nominal size of 2000, flexible graphite nominal pressure PN250 outer diameter 2061mm tooth and the wave composite gasket continuous from high-strength workshop and handed over to the customer.
Studies on the production of the special situation of gasket has made good progress. In recent years, our company is much home company R & D 1450 degrees high temperature gasket has made a major breakthrough, xxx ship fire compartment door sealing is foreign imported materials, the XYZ company high temperature steam pipe sealing, certain equipment flange sealing materials, special sealed environment and headache, FIT SEALING technology through constant research and developed a variety of high temperature materials to replace, sealing solutions, for customers to solve the problem.
Company's technical staff will continue to overcome difficulties, for China's vast number of equipment manufacturing enterprises to upgrade and make due contributions to welcome the majority of manufacturers inquiry,FIT SEALING will strive to provide high quality service seal.



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