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PTFE is a new type of sealing material

PTFE gasket is a new sealing products, domestic and foreign new technology breakthroughs in the field of sealing, it changes the traditional way using the static seal, is a new concept of high-quality practical sealing tape, is a broad sense the full range of functions of sealing products. PTFE gasket, with its excellent performance to replace Teflon sealing tape and other sealing material sealing tape has attracted more and more various types of seal industry welcomed and widely used. It can effectively prevent various types of machinery and equipment, an oil tank end cover, cylinder end cover, gear box end cover, various pipeline flange, device, storage container, tower, tank, especially non metals and other industrial production facilities of leakage, enhances sealing performance, is the radical industrial production and related industries to the effective tool to solve the leakage of gas and liquid medium.

PTFE gasket is a new type of sealing products, can replace gaskets, washers and other sealing products, it is a unique processing technology made a very novel sealing material. It is a continuous band of pure white poly vinyl products, with good flexibility, compression elasticity, resistance to creep, resistance to high temperature and excellent resistant corrosion resistance, aging resistance, self lubrication. Excellent sealing performance, installation and use is extremely convenient, is the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries ideal sealing material.

PTFE gasket for its soft, compression ratio, three-dimensional space easy to shape, inlaid into the micro cracks and damage at crack repairing plugging, especially in acid, alkali, anti corrosion and non metal equipment, large caliber vessels connecting effect is outstanding, can effectively protect brittle materials connected to the device. For non metallic devices, such as glass, ceramics, graphite, plastic, etc., have extraordinary effect. It can compensate and balance the errors due to defects, mechanical processing, rigid deformation, installation dislocation and other forms of error, the balance of preload is not uniform, can effectively solve the complex conditions of the leakage of various facilities.



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