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Solid Metal Flat GasketSolid Metal Flat Gasket

Solid Metal Flat Gasket

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  • Product description: Metal Flat Gasket/washer from CiXi Feite Sealing Material Co Ltd


This is solid metal Flat Gasket which are cut from sheet metal, these gaskets can be of unlimited size and shape. mating surfaces need to be perfectly aligned and flat for metal gaskets to provide good seals.Based on the temperature and physical properties of medium, the materials of metal gaskets usually adopt aluminum, copper, soft steel, pure iron, stainless steel, titanium and Monel metal, etc. For example, for synthetic ammonia plant, aluminum and soft steel are usually adopted; for urea plant, 1Cr18Ni9Ti and 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti are generally adopted; under high temperature, 1Cr18Ni9T and Monel metal are adopted; under low temperature, 0Cr18Ni9 is adopted.

Standard: ANSI B16.5、GB、HG20633、DIN、JIS


These gaskets are used in valve covers, ammonia fittings, male and female joints and any instances where compressibility is not required in order to compensate finished flange surfaces, their deformation and their imperfect alignment. These group together all types of gaskets where compressibility properties are not required.


Aluminum L3 35 200
Copper T3 80 260
Carbon steel CS 120 -40~+540
SS 304 304 130~180 -195~+760
SS 316L 316L 130~180 -100~+760
SS 321 321 130~190 -195~+760
INCONEL-600 INC600 150 -100~+1090
MONEL-400 MON 150
TI TI 215