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Ceramic Fiber Packing

Ceramic Fiber Packing

  • Item No. 265
  • Product description: Ceramic Fiber Packing from FEITE Sealing Packing


Ceramic Fiber packing with PTFE impregnation

Made from long ceramic fiber yarn impregnated with PTFE and additives. Has low coefficient of friction and resilient and flexible.

Ceramic Fiber Packing reinforced with SS Wire

Ceramic Fiber Packing with Silicone rubber Core

Typical Application
> Universal packing, for rotary, reciprocating pumps, in ship building and domestic fresh water pumps.
> Suited for chemical neutral and resistant to water, steam, hot air, oils, etc.

Prime Features
> Low maintenance, easy to control
> Excellent capabilities of high strength and high temperature resistance
> Economical packing

Technical Data

Material Ceramic Fiber
Temperature Range -100 up to +850 oC atmosphere;
Process Rotating 10 bar
Reciprocating 15 bar
Static 50 bar
Shaft Speed 10m/s in rotary
PH 5~9
Density 0.75~1.25 g/cm3